01 junho 2008


The sea pollution occurs because the seas and the oceans receive daily, in the whole world, a infinity of pollutants as domestic and industrials sewer, solid garbage that are taken by the rivers that get in the sea.

Estimates shows through calculations that about 14 billion tons of garbage are accumulated in the oceans every year. Other practice that contributes for the sea pollution is the oil ships and the pipe-lines, the first one can cause contamination of waters when a leaking occur and after removing the product still have some residues remaining, so then they wash the tanks of the ship and the dirty water with oil foes in the sea, the second one happens when the plumbing of the pipe-line breaks producing a leaking, this type of sea pollution is called ´black tide'.

A model of extreme pollution occurs in the Japanese coast, North Sea, one of the areas of bigger industrial concentration in the world, this coast is receiving millions of tons of the most varied types of garbage, even the oceans having the capacity of regenerating itself, and the amount is so great that it is practically impossible to have a resetting.

The raised level of substance concentration compromises the production of oxygen and planktons, that are responsible for producing about 40% of our oxygen. It is important to point out that the oceans are not separate, this means that the pollutions “are worldwide”, as well as the impacts.

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